Our work

Here you can see and enjoy some of our previous and present work.
We are here to serve you – not ourselves – we sincerely wish to make sure that you receive exactly what you wish for
and nothing else, our focus is to create a result that you love.


A movement inspiration extended to all with an impulse to pray in motion – to dance devotion. it is a movement invitation extended to all with a desire to listen to their own voice – to dance the truth.

Be moved

A true inspiration and invitation. A movement is what we are joy is the choice we make life is dance in the everyday.

Jeanette Wik

Holistic health, astrologi and homeopathy as a way of support our whole self and getting a better understanding of our own potential with increased consciousness of who we are and what we long to create and express.

Kirsten Welles

An alignment of thought, emotion, and action with ones’ vision and purpose for this life is also the foundation of health and well being at every level.


A truly amazing artist and dear friend. Her art is true inspiration and talent.